I decided to start frapsing our kills as it seems my laptop is able to take it, which surprised me. If you want to use my PoV's for guild kill videos Hyper you are welcome to in the future I can send rendered mp4 plain versions. I frapsed Iron Reaver yesterday and made a quick video on youtube. Uploading to youtube seems to have killed the quality quite a bit but the rendered video I have on my hard drive seems fine. I kept the video unlisted since last I made a video it sucked real bad and it was not well received. Hopefully with some practice with vegas I end up baing able to make videos with decent enough quality that I can make them public without shaming the guild. Im doing this for fun as well as to learn how to use adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas, and I know I am a complete noob but hopefully I improve a bit.

Here are links to the videos I have made (will update):

Iron Reaver Mythic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIwI_wKqZFw