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Thread: Shouladin - Ret Pally

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    Shouladin - Ret Pally

    Name: Robert Cook

    Age: 25

    Location: TN

    CPU specs: i7 3930k @4.5GHz, 32Gb DDR3 RAM, GeForce GTX 980, 3xSSD's 2xHDD's, Corsair 860i link:

    Armory link (please be logged out in your raiding gear and spec): Pally
    Otheres mentioned in this app:

    Parses (link):

    Screenshot of raiding UI (in combat, list any addons that are not currently visible):

    Addons not visible:
    Exorsus Raid Tools
    Master Plan

    Please provide a detailed list of your raiding experience (earliest to most recent). Specify if certain encounters were done on another character and provide an armory link should that apply to you:
    • Classic Full Clears (Resto Druid - Banned Acc for Wall Clipping in Naxx)
      MC, BWL, Ony, Naxx, AQ20, AQ40 minus C'Thun
    • BC Full Clears (Prot/Arms Warrior)
      Kara SF, Gruul SF, Mag SF, SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT, guild disband at Brutallus in Sunwell
    • WotLK Full Clears (Arms/Fury Warrior - 25Man)
      Naxx, OS+3, EoE, Ulduar All Hards, 10man Tribute ToC, 10man H-ICC, 25man H-ICC up to LK
    • Cata Full Clears (Prot/Ret Pally - 10Man)
      H-BWD, H-BoT+Sin, H-ToFW, H-Firelands, H-DS
    • MoP Scattered (WW Monk 1st Tier, Surv Hunter 2nd Tier, Surv Hunter/Enh Shaman 3rd Tier)
      10man H-MSV, 25man H-ToT+RaDen, 25man H/M-SoO - Had to take multiple breaks due to College and Health Problems
    • WoD Scattered (Holy/Ret Pally - 25man)
      10man H-HM, 25man HM, 15man N/H BRF, 20man N HFC minus Archimonde - Had to take break from Mythic raiding due to Health Problems, did not impact my performance though.

    List your previous guilds (earliest to most recent), and why they did not work out for you (please be as detailed as you can be):
    • Classic: Forget the name, was in the same guild all throughout my Classic progression. Was 1 of 5 Resto Druids, was in full T3 including Ring. The guild I was in, including many others, were banned after finding an exploit that allowed the players to "Clip" through the walls in Naxx to skip wings.
    • BC: Decimated Ruins, realm first cleared the starting raids. Died out due to bad leadership and half the guild getting banned for exploiting Doomwalker - Mage PvP Flying kill.
      The Hated, one of the last guilds new names, cleared everything extremely quickly up to Rage Winterloot, when the guild once again disbanded due to leadership drama. My TK and Hand of A'dal achievements have bugged dates due to their early implementation of the system being trash, they couldn't do anything to fix it. Finally got my Hand of A'dal title+achievement during a fix in Wrath.
      Not much happened for me until I got into Effect, cleared MH and BT with them, then GM vanished and guild disbanded.
      Joined a guild called Serenity, helped them with MH and BT, we killed Brutallus in Sunwell close to Wrath. Guild disbanded shortly after Brut due to people not wanting to raid.
    • Wrath: Phoenix, was a group of players from old Effect that came back to the game. Was raid leader in the guild, cleared first tier of content no problem, then me and GM had issues so I left.
      Joined Possessed which had secured the SF kills for first tier of Wrath, was the top dps Warrior on server at the time and only one that could consistently rank in the top 150 for Warriors in the world. GM decided to leave, new GM left along with some others right before Yogg kill.
      Knights of Ni, didn't stay with these guys long, killed Yogg and a few HM fights with them before Possessed was getting back together.
      Possessed Round Two (lol), old GM came back after hearing what happened, we quickly got some of the top players on the server back (mainly older Possessed members). Cleared out Ulduar HMs, became raid lead when going into ToC and cleared 10man Insanity, couldn't kill Anub on Heroic 25. Went into ICC, cleared 10man and 10man Heroic pretty easily. In our 25man, I had to take a break during LK progression due to College, but came back before RS came out. Lead the guild again for all Heroic ICC but could not down H-LK on 25man.
    • Cata: Psychogasm, I created the guild with some of the best Possessed and other guilds had that wanted to do 10-man raiding. We cleared everything on normal no problem, had tanking issues during Heroic progression, as a guild we decided to merge with Insomnia which at the time was having attendance issues of their own.
      Insomnia, this guild was previously <of the Nightfall> that I raided with on the side in Wrath on my Pally, became an officer when we merged. We tried doing 25man, even after clearing everything something just felt "off". So after 2 weeks of 25mans, we took the best we had and server xferred to Illidan, mainly because we wanted to get off the dead server that was Draka, and to easily recruit if we wanted to go 25man again which we tried a few times. Name change to License and Registration (GM was a PO) Progressed with relative ease throughout the expansion as a Prot/Ret Pally, cleared everything on Heroic without much issue other than Rag.
    • MoP: Same guild, went into MoP as a MW/WW Monk, cleared MSV with ease, then had to leave due to college yet again but stayed in guild. When I came back they needed a Hunter, so I quickly leveled and geared one up, went into H-ToT progression with them. Cleared everything except 2% wipes on Lei Shen, killed him and Ra-Den right after SoO came out though. Worked up to 25-man SoO shortly after it came out and we cleared it on Flex a few times, was still on my Hunter at this point. Cleared Heroic SoO, only real issues we had was on Blackfuse cause I was only Hunter at the time. Worked our way to Mythic Blackfuse (killed Thok in like 8 attempts), and had the same problem for a good part of a month. At this point I was having some serious health issues I had to deal with so I took yet another break. I came back a few months later (SoO lasted waaayy too long), I wanted to do what I did best (melee) and rerolled an Enh Shaman. At this point I was just a gear carry since they had cleared SoO while I was gone, but was still fun, esp dat Enh BURST.
    • WoD: Same guild again (Went back to my Ret Pally), we cleared 10man H-HM without much issue, 25-man HM was easy as well. During Mythic progression I killed just Bladefist but helped them progress strat wise on all the bosses up to Ko'ragh. I wasn't being sat, I was just still having health issues that I had to take myself out of raiding cause I felt I could hinder the raid if something happened. So I took a 6 month break to see if some of my problems could casually go away. Came back about 2 months ago and the guild was about to merge with some other guild, hardly any of the old raiders were there anymore, so I left.
      Odd Apocalypse, I made this guild just recently with the intention of doing casual Heroic raiding for the people I knew that didn't have time for Mythic raiding or just didn't enjoy it so much anymore. We all had to gear up, including myself for obvious reasons, so we pugged what we didn't have for Normal and Heroic BRF. The guild has only been around for a month, and have only had 2 raid weeks so far not including this one (Sun/Mon raids).

    What goals do you hope to obtain with Acquired Taste and why do you think you'd be a suitable recruit for us? I would really love to finish out the expansion with a bang in Mythic progression. I know it hasn't been the best expansion, but I've been out of Mythic raiding for too long imho. I hope to improve myself as a player as everyone does obviously, and I hope I can become a helping member for the guilds future of getting that old ranking back! I know my gear may be low, there isn't really anything else I can do to improve it, already ran normal HFC and didn't see much of anything drop. But I know I can perform up to par raider wise, I learn fights very fast and usually on the fly without any research, and dps wise once I am able to get some better gear.

    We want to get to know our future recruits, so tell us a bit about yourself! Name is Robert Cook obviously, I have an Associates degree in CAD and a Bachelors degree in Game Design from ITT in Nashville, TN. I am a tech enthusiast, I crave building computers and reading up/having the newest technology. I love the outdoors, especially camping, hiking, mountain biking, and at one time had a license to fly. I also love me some metal music, I listen to all kinds of music but metal just keeps my blood pumpin. Now on to the bad, remember all those times I had to leave due to Health problems? Right after I got my Bachelors degree, my Anxiety started to get the better of me, day by day it got worse until I started having Grand Mal Seizures. Over the past ~4 years I have been disabled and forced to live at my parents house, while I have greatly improved over these years I do still have seizures, as well as full body muscle spasms and Fibromyalgia. Yes it sounds bad when you read it, but honestly, with the meds I'm taking right now I am doing MUCH better than what I have been in the past. Well I hope yall had a good read, sorry if it was long lol, been working on this for the better half of 2 hours.
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    Thanks for your interest. I'll review this shortly and get back to you.

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    Sounds good, I'll be around.

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    Going to have to retract my app, am now being trialed by another guild as of today. Thanks for the consideration, GL with your progression!

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