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Thread: Rhaevol - Holy Paladin [RETRACTED]

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    Rhaevol - Holy Paladin [RETRACTED]

    Name: Phillip

    Age: 21

    Location: TX, USA

    CPU specs:
    CPU i5 3570k @3.4GHz
    8GB RAM
    GeForce GTX 970 link:

    Armory link (please be logged out in your raiding gear and spec):


    Screenshot of raiding UI (in combat, list any addons that are not currently visible):

    Please provide a detailed list of your raiding experience (earliest to most recent). Specify if certain encounters were done on another character and provide an armory link should that apply to you:
    BC - Karazhan, Mag, Grull.
    WotLK - Naxx, OS, Uld, ToTC Normal, ICC
    All these raids were done on my main back then, my Warlock.
    Cata - Bastion of Twilight on my Rogue.
    Took a break and came back at the end of Cata and raided on my Paladin, led DS 10 man Pugs to kill DW.
    MoP- MV HoF TeS ToT 10/13 H and SoO 8/14 H on my Warlock again.
    WoD- Started on my Monk, Then switched back to my Paladin once we needed healers.
    Currently 4/7 HM Mythic and 3/10 BrF Mythic.

    List your previous guilds (earliest to most recent), and why they did not work out for you (please be as detailed as you can be):
    WotLK -Archon server Exodar, 25m guild. One of the few 25 man guilds on the server. A good strong raid team with an amazing guild leader. Left during ToTC to faction change to raid with IRL Horde friends on Thrall server.
    Remnants during the beginning of MoP. Found a really amazing guild full of great people who became my friends. We raided through MoP where we took a small break during SoO before WoD. Began raiding in WoD and currently the GM/Raid leader is having to step down due to IRL commitments and being unable to make raid times. Now the guild is most likely going to be unable to continue.

    What goals do you hope to obtain with Acquired Taste and why do you think you'd be a suitable recruit for us?
    I would like to continue raiding through WoD. I have really been enjoying this expansion a lot more compared to MoP or Cata. I believe AT will be a good place for me to continue my goal of raiding Mythic content and having a blast along the way. I take pride in my ability to play my class at an extremely high level, as well as extremely high raid awareness and being able to spit out ideas during progression content to better the guild.

    We want to get to know our future recruits, so tell us a bit about yourself!
    I'm currently working a part time job and playing Plenty of games: WoW LoL Heroes of the Storm, D3, CS:GO, GW2, and looking forward to GTAV for PC as well as Overwatch. I also read some in the spare time of work and gaming.

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    As I've mentioned in the other applications, we'll let you know how this Tuesday goes and set up a transfer at that point depending on how things go. Thanks for your application!

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