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Thread: Irdrood's application [REJECTED]

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    Irdrood's application [REJECTED]

    Name: Steve

    Age: 27

    Location: WA

    CPU specs:

    i5-4670 3.4 GHZ overclocked to 3.6GHZ

    ASUS z87-k mobo

    8G ram Kingston HyperX

    GTX 650 link:

    Armory link (please be logged out in your raiding gear and spec):

    Parses (link):


    Screenshot of raiding UI (in combat, list any addons that are not currently visible):

    Please provide a detailed list of your raiding experience (earliest to most recent). Specify if certain encounters were done on another character and provide an armory link should that apply to you:

    BC did Kara with xaser in pvp gear. We were bad.
    ICC did all content HC wasn't much in ICC.
    Didn't play Cata
    Mop played with some bad friends and killed 2 bosses in MV. I tanked
    WoD pro LFR afker

    List your previous guilds (earliest to most recent), and why they did not work out for you (please be as detailed as you can be):

    In Akama last guild was Vicious Cycle that I remember. Rest I don't remember.

    What goals do you hope to obtain with Acquired Taste and why do you think you'd be a suitable recruit for us?

    Make fun of Amarent and heal or dps. I would like to see Mythic content at some point.

    We want to get to know our future recruits, so tell us a bit about yourself!

    Amarent likes dick and he won't admit it. Other than that I play lots of different games, I own a construction company. I like to drink, fuck, eat. In that order. I snowboard, hunt, hike, camp, wakeboard, and make fun of Amarent.
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